Cathy Barbouletos Cathy Barbouletos has a Masters in Forestry and Hydrology. She was the Forest Supervisor for the Flathead National Forest from 1998-2010. Cathy has been teaching bridge through FVCC's Continuing Education department for five years.
Susi Byrne
Brynn Cadigan
Leo Chen Leo Chen, Violinist Fang-Liu Chen holds the Bachelor of Psychology from Fu-Jen Catholic University, Master of Music degrees from Manhattan School of Music where he was a student of Lucie Robert. Mr. Chen is a founding member of the Ars Trio Taipei, he played over 360 concerts with the trio, gave performances in Taiwan, United States, Canada, Costa Rica and Israel.
Amy Chisholm
Noah Chisholm
Leigh Clausen Leigh has been practicing yoga since 2006 in a variety of studio and outdoor locations in California, Utah, Maryland, Florida and Montana. Leigh works as an Interpretive Park Ranger with the National Park Service, and as a result of living in beautiful but often remote areas, she did not have the luxury of taking a regular group class with a single teacher in the early years of her practice. Instead she often used online resources and practiced outdoors in some of nature's best classrooms, which forced her to take ownership of her practice, and to truly find how each asana expressed itself in her body. By 2016, after 11 years of solo practice and the occasional group class, she was ready to take her practice to the next level. She received her initial 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Yoga Hive and Figure Yoga. She specializes in very detailed verbal instruction, allowing students to often take an entire class with their eyes closed following her clear supportive verbal guidance.
Marita Combs
Amy Danforth
Kathleen Dunnehoff Kathy Dunnehoff is a national bestselling and Zola award winning novelist and screenwriter. A "hybrid" author, she's both independently published through her business, Blue House Publishing, and traditionally published. She's taught writing and creativity courses at FVCC for 30 years and presents writing workshops for both creative writers and those wishing to become more effective in their daily business communication.
Staff Flathead City-County Health
Dee (Deborah) Fleming About the instructor....Dee Fleming is a music educator, vocalist, pianist and guitarist. An award winning composer and songwriter, she has produced six albums of music as a performing and recording artist, and currently performs region-wide. She taught Middle and High School music for public schools in Montana and Arizona for 28 years before retiring in 2014. She taught credit and non-credit classes at University of Montana-Western in Dillon for 10 years and has been teaching at FVCC's Continuing Education department for seven years. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Montana State University and is currently completing a Master's Degree from Grand Canyon University.
Dana Fraley Dana Fraley is a retired elementary teacher and loves to teach art. Her passion is watercolor painting; she took her first watercolor class at FVCC from Karen Leigh. Dana received a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Montana.
Bayne French Dr. Bayne French grew up in the mountains of Northwest Montana. He earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1996 from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon and in 2000 a Medical Doctor degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. His Family Practice training was in Anchorage Alaska followed by years of practice in remote Alaska. He is double board certified in Family Practice and Obesity Medicine. He enjoys endurance sports, mountain pursuits, but especially being the father of two sons, Highland and Rowan. Dr. French practices primary care at Glacier Medical Associates in Whitefish with a focus on nutrition, wellness, disease prevention and weight loss.
Alexis Gilbert
Claire Gutschenritter
Shannon Hanson Shannon Hanson has been playing with computers since the early eighties. A lot has changed - In the early days much of his computer time was spent programming his TRS-80 CoCo computer to play Judas Priest songs. Since then, Shannon has followed and tried to stay ahead of the rapid changes in technology. Shannon still enjoys programming but has moved on from guitar solos.
He wrote his first invoice in 1993, transforming himself from Computer Junky to Professional Computer Junky - As the owner/operator of The Computer Doctor, he repairs computers, consults on all sorts of technology matters, facilitates seminars on the importance of Social Media, and teaches technology classes at FVCC.
Christiane Hinterman Christiane Hinterman has been active in the field of Interpretation for over 13 years. While attending Michigan State University, Christiane studied Interpretation in the School of Parks and Recreation and received a master's degree in Environmental Education with the Expedition Education Institute and Lesley University. She has worked as an Interpretive Ranger in five National Parks and four National Forests, has managed interpretive programs at two non-profits, and mentored interpretive guides for three years. In 2002-2003 she took her passion abroad to train adult nature guides in Guatemala and Mexico with The RARE Center.
Ellen Horowitz An outdoor educator whose career spans more than four decades, Ellen Horowitz teaches preschoolers to adults about the wildflowers and wildlife of the Rocky Mountains. She is a writer, adjunct botany professor at Flathead Valley Community College and a long-time natural history instructor with the Glacier Institute and Road Scholar/Elderhostel. As a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, she connects people and nature for health and wellbeing. Her work has been recognized with numerous honors including Montana Audubon's Educator of the Year Award, and magazine writing awards from Outdoors Writers Association of America and National Wildlife Federation. She is author of the award-winning children's book, What I Saw in Glacier.
Manda Hudak Chef Manda Hudak has always had a passion for cooking. She chose a career in hospitality and received degrees from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and The Culinary Institute of America, completing apprenticeships at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco and Marriott Hotel Group. Hudak held management positions with the Los Angeles Biltmore and the Beverly Hills Hotel before becoming director of catering at the historical Jonathan Club in Los Angeles and food and beverage director at the legendary Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fla. Additionally, she owned a catering company in Los Angeles with an eye toward healthful corporate meal preparation and custom social event planning. Hudak has shifted her focus to education, utilizing her craft and service expertise to prepare culinary professionals at FVCC for the future.
Sheena Istre
Allyson Jones
Michelle Kaney
Megan Koppes
Kyle Krebs
Megan Lubitz Megan has a passion for promoting a positive and productive environment where students can feel excited to learn and grow. Her musical experiences will help keep students engaged, challenged, and supported in their musical education. She is an experienced violinist and pianist who has knowledge and skills to share with beginner to intermediate violin and piano students.
Allison McCarthy Allison McCarthy brings to her instruction a powerful combination of high energy and practical tools, with overwhelmingly rave reviews, both through her business and as an adjunct faculty instructor for the FVCC Continuing Education Center. Allison began her career working for several large corporations in a variety of leadership positions. Since 1995, she has been running her own Flathead Valley management and computer training business, having effectively instructed thousands of people on technical computer, interpersonal and management skills.
Marissa Meyer
George Michels
Wai Mizutani
Dan Moe Dan Moe, FVCC's Culinary Arts Baking and Pastry Instructor.
Chris Moore
Tim Price
Linda Puchta
Melanie Ruonavaara
Karla Ryan
Lincoln Seals
Jan Shanahan Jan Shanahan owns Wild Sky Industries, which serves the business needs of both technical companies and artists who are focused on developing their art business. She served as General Manager /Senior Marketing Manager for Microsoft Corporation for more than a decade. Prior to Microsoft, Jan's education at UCLA and Stanford readied her for work in energy research and the IT industry in the Bay Area for 20+ years. This experience was very helpful in establishing licensing and marketing arrangements for new products-both art-focused and computer applications-that allow her to assist people in doing the same. Jan lends entrepreneurial expertise in business and organizational development, project management, and publishing to courses focused on business creation or improvement. As an artist, she works mostly with fibers/textiles-having done work for Sunset Magazine, Family Circle, and other companies that offer creative kits for sale. Being home in her native Montana, Jan appreciates the opportunity to coach artists as they begin or grow their business career. She is pleased to offer both creative workshops and business workshops where she meets so many new friends and colleagues!
Chelsea Speer
Staff Staff
Angela Tollerson
Racheal Vargas Racheal Vargas, is the co-owner of Montana K9 Safety. She has over 25 years of experience in Healthcare and has been an active instructor of various emergency and healthcare programs for the past 15 years. She is a current Instructor teaching programs under American Heart Association and Emergency Care and Safety Institute.
Jemina Watstein Jemina has been a national and international art educator for the past 16 years, here in the valley and beyond. She has a Master degree in Fine Art Photography and is currently working on a dissertation in order to complete a PhD in International Educational Leadership. Jemina believes that it is her responsibility as an art teacher to provide an inquiry-based experience that will help fill students' internal toolboxes so they can develop all they need to be their best selves.
Yoshimi Yamamoto-Derks Yoshimi Yamamoto-Derks was born, raised, and lived in Japan until 2014. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Bunkyo University in Japan and a certification of Japanese Language Teacher in Japan. She has taught English for 30 years and Japanese for 9 years as a private tutor, an instructor at schools in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan as well as to Korean businessmen at one of Korea's top companies. She has taught students from elementary, junior and high school age as well as adults. She has also introduced traditional Japanese cuisine classes at FVCC. She has a certification of Flower Essence Counselor & Therapist from International Flower Essence College in Japan as well as certifications from several well-known flower essence brands from all over the world.