Emy Amy Emy brings a lot of life-experiences to her classes. While in Golden, Colorado, Emy ran a living history farm that serviced school kids from all over the state. She now lives in Montana and still practices the "living history motto."
Ayesha (Sheila) Ashley Ayesha Ashley has been both a teacher and performer all her life. In 1998, she was in summer stock at the Virginia City Players, and has acted in several Bozeman productions; at the present time she is a singer and bassist in a blues band. She has trained and performed in Comedy Improv groups for more than 7 years both in Las Vegas and Bozeman.
Terry Atzen Terry Atzen has a BS degree from Iowa State University. He is a 45 year market veteran spending 28 years with Wall Stree firms and 17 years as an independent advisor. Terry is a consultant, author and lecturer.
Hans Axelsen
Anne Beckenstein I love reading, writing, and traveling. Seven years of international teaching have broadened my perspective. I write poetry and am currently finishing my first novel. I raised a large family and learned a tremendous amount from them. Soon I will begin yoga certification. My hobbies are gardening, exercise class, photography, and paddle boarding.
Byron Beers
Carol Buchanan Instructor Carol Buchanan is an award-winning author of four historical novels about the Vigilantes, a series she has dubbed the "Vigilante Quartet." With a Ph.D. in English Literature and History, she has been called "an historian with a novelist's ear capable of rendering the individual voices of character into the orchestral narrative of a sweeping story." (Books are available in the FVCC bookstore.
Bonnie Bushman
Jon Campbell
Cindy Carpenter Cindy Carpenter holds the two top Human Resource certifications - the SPHR (Senior Professional Human Resources) and SHRM-SCP (Society of Human Resource Management - Senior Certified Professional). With a degree in Business Education from the University of Monatana, she has over 25 years of training experience primarily focused on human resource and people topics. To compliment her training background, she has been a practicing Human Resource professional since 1996 in the Banking and Insurance industries. You will find that Cindy provides a valuable combination of training, education, business ownership and real life experience to all training she facilitates.
David Clough David, the founder of the Bigfork Photographic Institute, is an award-winning traditional photographer with over 30 years of experience. He works primarily with black and while film. David's subject matter ranges from landscapes to historic architectural structures and his work is characterized by dramatic employment of light and an emphasis on texture and tonality. He employs all formats from 35mm to ultra large format. David has studied under several highly regarded photographers including Bruce Barnbaum, Al Webber, Dave Vestal, Dan Kirby and Bob Henderson.
Jennifer Cloutier
Marita Combs
Ned Cooney Ned began his consulting practice in 2005. After years of serving as staff and volunteer in a variety of organizations, Ned’s goal is to leverage his experience to assist clients to learn and make better decisions together, and ultimately to succeed in reaching their aspirations. Ned brings to this work a heart for the importance of a strong civic society, and the importance of the nonprofit sector, volunteer action, and committed public servants. He brings a unique combination of perspectives: as both grant-maker and grant-seeker; as volunteer, staff, and board member in a variety of organizations; as educator and consultant in organizational and academic settings; and as active participant in several community coalitions at the state and local levels.
Raymond Dickinson Raymond Dickinson is an established wine professional. Twenty seven years in the industry including sales, product management, regional managment and education.
Kathleen Dunnehoff Kathy Dunnehoff is a national bestselling and Zola award winning novelist and screenwriter. A "hybrid" author, she's both independently published through her business, Blue House Publishing, and traditionally published. She's taught writing and creativity courses at FVCC for over 20 years and presents writing workshops for both creative writers and those wishing to become more effective in their daily business communication.
Heather Estrada Heather Estrada received her PhD in Plant Science at the University of Alberta, and has a background in greenhouse management, agronomy, and plant breeding. She is currently an Associate Professor and the Agriculture program director at Flathead Valley Community College. She teaches a range of classes in plant and soil science, crop production, and food systems, and oversees the operation of the Campus Farm.
Staff Flathead City-County Health
Dee Fleming Dee Fleming is a music educator, vocalist, pianist and guitarist. An award winning composer and songwriter, she has produced 6 albums of music as a performing and recording artist, and currently performs region-wide. She taught Middle and High School music for public schools in Montana and Arizona for 28 years before retiring in 2014. She taught credit and non-credit classes at University of Montana-Western in Dillon for 10 years and has been teaching at FVCC's Continuing Education department for seven years. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Montana State University and is currently completing a Master's Degree from Grand Canyon University.
Dennis Foley Dennis Foley lives and works in Whitefish, Montana. He started his writing career in Hollywood where he worked as a writer and producer for many years. He has written for major motion picture studios as well as network television. He has worn many hats as screenwriter, freelancer, staff writer, producer, consultant, or technical advisor on a wide variety of television shows, episodic series and motion pictures in addition to working as a screenwriter and novelist. Dennis is a nationally recognized writing instructor and frequent guest speaker and lecturer at writer's conferences, workshops and college campuses around the country. He taught fiction writing at the UCLA Writer's Program for fifteen years and continues to teach online through Writers on the Net and locally at Flathead Valley Community College. Dennis holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College and is a member of the Writers Guild of America and the Authors Guild.
Dana Fraley Dana Fraley is an elementary teacher and loves to teach art. Her passion is watercolor painting; she took her first watercolor class at FVCC from Karen Leigh. Dana received a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Montana.
Shannon Freix Shannon learned Spanish as a second language as an adolescent, but earned a BS in Communication with a minor in Spanish Language from the University of Texas in Austin. She has experience working in professional bilingual settings and has put her language skills to use traveling extensively in Spanish-speaking countries. She assisted and tutored study-abroad students in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic before her time in Montana. She has recently launched a creative multi-media business called Whipsaw Creative. She enjoys working with small businesses and local organizations to assist with their branding and messaging efforts. Her creative services include website development, photography/videography, graphic design and aerial/drone photography.
Kira Frye
Nick Fucci Nick's work has been published throughout 11 countries and in over 70 different calendars, books, magazines including Montana Magazine, Montana Outdoors, Alaska magazine and Flathead Living. He has captured images from across the globe, from Alaska to Africa, Brazil to Costca Rica, and Mexico and most of the United States. He has been teaching photography classes through FVCC's Continuing Education Center since 2006. Nick has an Engineering degree from the University of Alaska-Anchorage.
Dan Gorton Dan Gorton is the director of the Kalispell Small Business Development Center. Dan has more than 30 years of experience as a small business owner. In addition, he has more than 20 years of experience as a director for a locally owned community bank. He holds a bachelor's of science from Montana State University.
Jennifer Griffith
Bobbi Hall Bobbi Hall has worked with horses since she was young and is a superb horse person. She is certified as a Level II Centered Riding Instructor and Equine Assisted Learning as a Horse Specialist. She has learned to communicate with horses by using their language which forms a partnership that is safe and beneficial to both horse and rider. Bobbi doesn't call herself a horse whisperer, because it is the horse that whispers.
Katie Halling Katie has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American Sign Language from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has been an intern at Communication Services for the Deaf and also an intern at the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services in St. Paul. She has been teaching ASL classes at FVCC since 2007.
Carla Hannaford Dr. Carla Hannaford is a biologist, author, educator, and kinesiologist with more than forty years teaching experience including high school and over twenty years as a biology professor. She also was a counselor for elementary and intermediate school children with learning difficulties and fifteen years as an international consultant to 50 countries. Carla has been the keynote presenter for over 200 conferences worldwide, taught over 1,000 workshops and been quoted in over 1,000 books and journal articles on the importance of movement, music and art for life-long learning and brain function. She is the author of four books.
Shannon Hanson Shannon Hanson has been playing with computers since the early eighties. A lot has changed - In the early days much of his computer time was spent programming his TRS-80 CoCo computer to play Judas Priest songs. Since then, Shannon has followed and tried to stay ahead of the rapid changes in technology. Shannon still enjoys programming but has moved on from guitar solos.
He wrote his first invoice in 1993, transforming himself from Computer Junky to Professional Computer Junky - As the owner/operator of The Computer Doctor, he repairs computers, consults on all sorts of technology matters, facilitates seminars on the importance of Social Media, and teaches technology classes at FVCC.
Jon Hatch Jon Hatch is an Irish/American dual citizen who works as an educator, writer, and post-conflict expert. He received his Masters and Doctorate from Trinity College Dublin and has 15 years' experience living and working in Ireland developing education programs as part of the peace process after the conflict in Northern Ireland. He divides his time between the US and Ireland.
Peg Havlovick
Sam Herbert Sam Herbert has a B.A. in Public Administration from San Diego State University and a PhD in Clinical psychology from Alliant University. He has over 30 years consulting with small to large profit and non-profit organizations. Sam was a professional mental health counselor for many years.
Christiane Hinterman Christiane Hinterman has been active in the field of Interpretation for over 13 years. While attending Michigan State University, Christiane studied Interpretation in the School of Parks and Recreation and received a master's degree in Environmental Education with the Expedition Education Institute and Lesley University. She has worked as an Interpretive Ranger in five National Parks and four National Forests, has managed interpretive programs at two non-profits, and mentored interpretive guides for three years. In 2002-2003 she took her passion abroad to train adult nature guides in Guatemala and Mexico with The RARE Center.
Ellen Horowitz Ellen Horowitz is an award-winning naturalist and writer. For more than 30 years, Ellen has taught field classes, guided tours and written about the flora and fauna of the northern Rocky Mountains.
Bill Hunger Bill Hunger is a Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexologist with more than 43 years of experience. He has been teaching Basic Massage at FVCC for over twenty-two years.
Lisa Jones Lisa Jones is the owner of LJ Communications, Inc. and an adjunct faculty member with the Flathead Valley Community College Continuing Education Center. Lisa is a communications professional, providing over 25 years of experience in customer service training, strategic planning, marketing communications and public relations. Lisa offers extensive knowledge, unique insight and consistent enthusiasm for both enhancing the customer service experience and supporting the service provider.

Monica Jungster Monica has been practicing Tai Chi - Yang Style for over 25 years with various Chinese instructors. Monica is the owner of the Montana House Craft Shop in Apgar.
Jill Kanewischer Montana based Narrative Collage Artist, Jill M.L. Kanewischer, has been refining her skills and techniques through her most recent work on the "Reincarnation" series (new life for old photos or an interpretation of the stories of vintage photos) and another series "ROY G BIV" ( a series of 70 colour study collages). Loving all things paper, Jill began experimenting with bookmaking in 2005 and box making in 2014. The addition of creating 3 dimensional pieces has provided another means for Jill to capture stories with her artwork. Jill also believes that everyone is creative and enjoys helping others find and explore creative pursuits through teaching art and creativity classes for people of all ages.
Julene Krause Julene Krause has been teaching dance classes at FVCC since Fall 2017. Following in the footsteps of long-time instructor, Roz Kristoffersen. When she was growing up in Iowa, she would watch dancers on TV and knew that's what she wanted to do. She is now living her childhood dream, after having attended one of Roz's dance classes at FVCC. Julene met her husband and dance partner in a dance class. She is eager to see if any of her four children or seven grandchildren inherited her dancing gene.
Brien Kreps Brien Kreps is a local CPA who spent 20 years working in private businesses before becoming a CPA. He has spent the last 18 years as a CPA helping small businesses improve their profitability.
Mark Leichliter
Patrick Liddell Patrick began his flight career in 2008, earning his private pilot certificate here in the Flathead Valley. Eventually earning an instrument rating and commercial and flight instructor certificates, and has accumulated over 800 hours of flight time. He is currently employed as a flight instructor at Montana Air Adventures.
Phyllis Lucht
Michael Makieve I have been a high school history and business teacher for ten years. As technology has advanced I have kept an interest in computers and applications and how the general population can use this technology. My approach to teaching is try to meet the needs of the students.
David Manuwal Dr. Manuwal obtained his college education in Indiana, Montana and California. He has taught courses in wildlife biology, ornithology, mammalogy and animal behavior. His research interests are forest birds and marine birds.
W. Dudley Marburger Dudley Marburger has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. He has been self-employed for over 25 years as an Arborist. Dudley is a four-time winner in black belt in various martial arts and a third place winner in the World Competition of Martial Arts in Korea. His self-defense class teaches techniques that revolve around real-life situations.
Kathy Martin Kathy Martin has been an art educator for over thirty years. She is passionate about sharing art and the role it play in connecting people with communities, other cultures and the natural world. A practicing artist, Kathy enjoys drawing, painting, stained glass and cultural art forms such as the making of pysanky. Kathy is currently the Director of Education at the Hockaday Museum of Art where she manages and develops education programs that promote the Museum's mission. She has been employed at the Hockaday for over 14 years.
Benjamin Charli Mattison B. Charles (Charlie) Mattison grew up in San Diego where his grandfather, who was a blacksmith and a miner, not only exposed him to forming metal, but to the wonder of gems and minerals. In his twenties, he simultaneously taught himself silversmithing and lapidary. Charlie took courses with the Gemological Institute of America and through the jewelry program at FVCC. His work has been displayed at the Phoenix Art Museum and the Grand Canyon tourist center.
Bill (William) McCabe Bill McCabe is a certified Pet Tech instructor living in Kalispell, MT. As an outdoor enthusiast who shares his love of nature with his dogs, Bill's real life experience, and his Pet Tech training and knowledge are the perfect combination for educating pet parents. His goal is to help pet owners acquire necessary skills to confidently help their pet in the event of a medical emergency.
Allison McCarthy Allison McCarthy brings to her instruction a powerful combination of high energy and practical tools, with overwhelmingly rave reviews, both through her business and as an adjunct faculty instructor for the FVCC Continuing Education Center. Allison began her career working for several large corporations in a variety of leadership positions. Since 1995, she has been running her own Flathead Valley management and computer training business, having effectively instructed thousands of people on technical computer, interpersonal and management skills.
Pat McGlynn Pat McGlynn is the Montana State University Agriculture Extension Agent for Flathead County. She has over 30 years of horticulture experience. Pat received her Masters and Ph.D. in Education with a focus in Agriculture at Cornell University. She has been teaching the MSU Master Gardener course since 2008; conducts horticulture research on cherries, grapes, hops, apples and berries; works with residents on weed and insect identification; assists in diagnosing gardening problems; teaches pasture management for livestock; provides licensing for private pesticide applicators and co-teaches a small acreage landowner class.
Rod McIver
Glen McKinnon Glen became an instructor in 2004 and has over 5,000 dives, 700 certifications and is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and has had Elite Instructor status for the last six years.
Beverly Medved Beverly Medved is a certified Wilton Method Instructor who has been teaching in the area for 30 years. Beverly also holds Master’s Certification in Graphoanalysis and works throughout the state with private individuals, law enforcement, and attorneys in the areas of personality profiling and forensic document examination.
Steven Miller Steve has 35 years of teaching and professional fashion illustration experience. He is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at The School of Art Institute of Chicago and has been teaching there since 1991. Primarily working for major retailers such as Nordstrom, Bullocks, and Dillard's department store, his work has been represented by various galleries and is in numerous private and corporate collections. He has maintained a fashion studio in Chicago working for designers, retailers and manufacturers. Steve works in all major mediums and has been published by Laurence King Publishing, London UK. His book "Drawing Fashion Accessories" is available in six languages, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.
Kerry Nagel Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Kerry has also lived in Texas and had the opportunity to study in Japan and travel a bit in Europe. She is fanatical about making and viewing art, loves food, and practices yoga daily. She has lived and worked in the arms of the Rocky Mountains for over twenty years, and is proud to call the Flathead Valley of Montana her home. Kerry has a Bachelor of Arts degree, from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.
Molly Neu Molly Neu is a Health Promotion Specialist for the Flathead City-County Health Department in Kalispell Montana. Currently in her position, she works in the Montana Cancer Screening Program, assists worksites in developing sustainable worksite wellness programs and teaches a variety of classes including Montana Living Life Well and Worksites: Montana Living Life Well. To learn more about programs offered through the Flathead City-County Health Department, please call Molly at 751-8260.
Jon Obst Jon Obst is a life long hunter and outdoorsman. He has always worked in outdoors and learned the skills as well as the understanding of how it all fits together. He has taught classes for adults, students and young kids in an informative as well as interactive style that helps carry on the great tradition of hunting as well as the outdoor experiences. Jon has worked for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks as a game warden for over 20 years. He has a Bachelors Degree from Arizona State University.
Chany Ockert As a Certified Fund Raising Executive, Chany Reon Ockert's services include the creation and implementation of a comprehensive, customized fund development plan; coaching in fundraising; and Board and staff training. For over 10 years of consulting, Chany has been privileged to bring visions into reality.
Mark Paulson
Yelena Popovich Yelena brings her organizational skills, flexibility, and ability to work with a group to her classes. She is an ambassador of FVCC having participated in the art auction and taken her art to China as a gift to the sponsored university. She enjoys working at jobs that require a lot of repetition.
Kathy Prim
Rebecca Pulju Becky Pulju received her Master of Music from the University of Minnesota in 1988 as well as studying Master Courses in Kodaly and Orff at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. In 2004, she achieved National Certification in Massage (NCTMB) and Reflexology (ARCB) and studied Active Isolated Stretching with Aaron Mattes in 2011. Becky also discovered the joy of Zumba in 2011 and over the next several years was certified in many forms including Zumba Gold (low-impact) in 2012, and Zumba Gold Toning (very light weights) in 2014. She utilizes several of these routines in her senior fitness classes as well as choreographing many of them herself.
Phil Quigley Phil Quigley honed his talent development, coaching, and cross cultural communications skills in the emerging markets of Hong Kong, Korea, China, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan and India, where he spent most of his 14 year career with Yahoo
Phil cut his entrepreneurial teeth as Vice President Sales for Axlon, a startup toy venture comprised of veteran Atari engineers and marketers. At the expense of heavily entrenched competitors, he drove sales to the 10 million dollar level before helping to sell the company to Hasbro.
In 2011 Phil joined Talentron, a Scott's Valley, California talent development consultancy focusing on building leadership capabilities of frontline managers, using performance support apps to reinforce key learning points and boost productivity.
Blase Reardon
Dane Regan Dane Regan manages the FVCC Campus Farm and has several years of vegetable growing experience in the Flathead Valley. He is a young and enthusiastic grower with a passion for food, cooking, and sustainable systems.
Ben Reppond Ben Reppond has spent over 40 years in the financial industry services. He now owns his own Registered Investment Advisory firm. After he sold his former company, he spent 10,000 hours conducting research. His goal was to learn how to obtain as acceptable rate of return while minimizing downside risk in all market conditions.
Sherri Sadino Sherri received her Master's Degree in Educational Technology from Lesley College and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Montana. She has been an active community volunteer and has served as a Coordinator for Special Olympics, the DREAM program, and youth soccer. She is focused, positive, and people oriented.
Jennifer Sanderson Jennifer Sanderson is a writer, director, & producer. Recently, she was a finalist in the American Film Institute Directing Workshop for Women and the Sundance Institute Writers Intensive. She is a Gold Addy Award winner for writing, directing & producing. She has held positions for the Academy Awards (Oscars), Anderson Cooper 360, Radio Disney, Yahoo Music, and Larry King Live, amongst others. As a humanitarian, she produced relief PSAs for Japan and the Philippines that went viral, garnering financial and creative support from Ang Lee, Dean Devlin, Dan Lin, Richard Sakai, George Takei, Tia Carrere, and more ($2M+ raised). She was appointed to the LA County Arts Commission grants committee, delegate to the GCS International Korea Visitation Program, and a fellow in the USC Network of Korean American Leaders. Her favorite past time is fly-fishing in Montana
Greg Schatz Greg Schatz learned to pack stock in New Mexico. Thirty years ago he moved to Montana where he started packing in earnest, logging a thousand miles a summer in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Greg spends his summers offering pack stock support to non-profit trail maintenance organizations as well as packing for outfitters.
Leigh Schickendantz Leigh is a long time student and practitioner of the perennial wisdom traditions. She is the co-founder and visionary of Two Rivers Consulting and Two Rivers Aikido / Kalispell Zen Center. Montana has been her home for nearly six decades where she is forever loyal to the wild land, clean water, and big sky. Leigh has a B.A. from Montana State University, an M.A. from John F Kennedy University and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.
Jan Shanahan Jan Shanahan owns Wild Sky Industries, which serves the business needs of both technical companies and artists who are focused on developing their art business. She served as General Manager /Senior Marketing Manager for Microsoft Corporation for more than a decade. Prior to Microsoft, Jan's education at UCLA and Stanford readied her for work in energy research and the IT industry in the Bay Area for 20+ years. This experience was very helpful in establishing licensing and marketing arrangements for new products-both art-focused and computer applications-that allow her to assist people in doing the same. Jan lends entrepreneurial expertise in business and organizational development, project management, and publishing to courses focused on business creation or improvement. As an artist, she works mostly with fibers/textiles-having done work for Sunset Magazine, Family Circle, and other companies that offer creative kits for sale. Being home in her native Montana, Jan appreciates the opportunity to coach artists as they begin or grow their business career. She is pleased to offer both creative workshops and business workshops where she meets so many new friends and colleagues!
Kevin Shea
George Shryock
Jerry Smalley Jerry Smalley is a retired teacher from School District 6 in Columbia Falls. He has taught fishing-related classes at FVCC for over 40 years and enjoys working with students. A significant part of Jerry's free time is spent fishing and tying flies.
Kymberli Stone Dr. Kymberli Stone is a retired Naturopathic Doctor, having worked in many states across the United States. With 35+ years of teaching, she shares her knowledge of essential oils and herbs with us for education and information purposes.
Emily Struss
Alan Styles
Rick Trembath
Dan Vogel Dynamic and versatile hospitality and sales & marketing leader with 35 year portfolio of successful organizational development. Dedicated to cultivating high-performance teams. Polished communicator, with background in radio and TV performances and magazine and newspaper food & wine article writing. Former Collegiate Culinary Arts instructor. Certified Corporate Wine Trainer and Vocational Education Specialist, Society of Wine Educators, CSW and Court of Master Sommeliers, Certified Sommelier Level II. The Wine Spectator; Award of Excellence, Stillwater Fish House 2013; Quinn's Hot Springs 2018.
Amelia Ward Amelia is a full time employee at FVCC in our IT Department coming from a 20 years career in the Air Force. She has over 30 years' experience in Information Systems and Technology and brings many practical life-experiences to her classes.
Kimberly Weichers
Karla West
Scott Wheeler
Kathy Wilson
Yoshimi Yamamoto-Derks Yoshimi Yamamoto-Derks was born, raised, and lived in Japan until 2014. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Bunkyo University in Japan and a certification of Japanese Language Teacher in Japan. She has taught English for 25 years and Japanese for 6 years as a private tutor, an instructor at schools in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan as well as to Korean businessmen at one of Korea's top companies. She has taught students from elementary, junior and high school age as well as adults. She has also introduced traditional Japanese cuisine classes at FVCC. She has a certification of Flower Essence Counselor & Therapist from International Flower Essence College in Japan as well as certifications from several well-known flower essence brands from all over the world.
Beverley Zierow Beverley Zierow has been a genealogist for 38 years and has taught genealogy classes in both Montana and Arizona continuing education departments for 20 years. In 1998, she was a speaker at the Montana Governor's Conference on Aging held in Kalispell and spoke on writing a personal/family history.
Danielle de Leon "Ms. Danielle de Leon is the Operations Manager, Cinematographer, Editor, and Drone Pilot at world-renowned drone service company Bird Eye of Big Sky; the founder of drone training company, Pilot EQ, that is focused on crash reduction; and a focused Certified Iyengar Yoga Level I & II Teacher (CIYT), providing four classes per week that focus on meditation in action, by teaching mindfulness with the anatomy and kinesiology of poses. Ms. de Leon has become a globally recognized female cinema drone pilot and camera operator, who has worked for brands such as Google, United Nations Women, BBC, PBS, HBO, NBC Sports, and others. Her background in mental wellness and psychology inspired the creation of a flight training program that involves psychology, crash reduction, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) techniques to increase efficiency in problem solving through flying drones. The combination of technical capability and ecological awareness has molded this successful entrepreneurial woman into a resourceful instructor who is eager to share her experience with others."