Dates: June 4, 2019

Meets: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Location: Arts & Technology Building 204

TUITION: $49.00

Are you serving as a chair, president, or other officer of a nonprofit board of directors or other governing body? Or do you aspire to lead in that way one day? Or do you serve a board of directors as an executive? This workshop is for you! Built off Ned's Essentials of Board Service workshop earlier this year (though it is not a pre-requisite), this "beyond the basics" session focuses on:
*the board as a system
* how to recognize and shape board culture
* governance as the core focus of any board, and best practices for governance
* supporting board engagement inside the board room and beyond
* thoughtful, planned board recruitment
* working with the executive director and other staff
* effective meetings including Roberts Rules, delegation and accountability
Fee: $49.00

Fee Breakdown

Course Fee (Basic)TUITION$ 44.00
Course Fee (Alternate)SENIOR$ 39.00
Course Fee (Alternate)EM$ 22.00
Mandatory FeeCEC$ 5.00

Arts & Technology Building 204

FVCC-Kalispell, MT